Meishan Pigs



In addition to Meishan-specific information, we include general links that apply to all swine in the areas of nutrition, disease, and parasite control. Check back often as we are working on this project in conjunction with all three of the original research facilities.

  1. Effects of Meishan Crossbreeding on Carcass Yields   
        Comparison of Duroc, Meishan, Fencing, and Minzhu boars in crosses.
  2. Effects of High Fiber in Swine Diets
         Not Meishan specific but does relate to fiber levels vs feed conversion
  3. Fiber in Swine Diets
         More information on how higher levels of fiber in swine diets blocks                 nutrient absorption
  4.  Amounts and Types of Fiber in Swine Diets and Their Effect
  5. The Taihu Pig
         Swedish Paper (translated) on the Taihu Pig
  6. Fiber Digestibility in Meishan Pigs
         Do Meishans digest fiber better than other breeds?
  7. Origin of Domestic Pigs
         A rather technical paper. However, the conclusion section reviews the           possible influence of Meishans on European breeds of swine
  8. DNA Sequencing of the Meishan Pig
  9. Genetic Evolutionary History of the Meishan Pig
  10. A Comparison of Meishan and Yorkshire Gilts 
  11. The Meishan Breed – The Pigsite
  12. 1995 Study on Meishan Pigs in China
    From the UN FAO
  13. Genetic Basis of Prolificacy in Meishan Pigs


Click here to see a blog post by a visitor to a Meishan Conservation farm in Shanghai China in May of 2018

YouTube video on Chinese Meishans (in Chinese).
If you are aware of a resource to provide translation please contact us.

Wooly Pigs Blog discussing Meishan pigs
by Heath Putnam who originally imported Mangalitsa Pigs to the U.S.

Ag research magazine Online article (Nov 2002) on Meishan Pigs

Oklahoma State Website on the Meishan breed
Please note a number of inaccuracies have been noted on this site when reviewed with original researchers at Iowa State

The Meishanton Blog from Japan
Meishan Pork in Japan is a highly prized food. Translation available at Google

The saving of the University of Illinois and USDA Meishan research herds
From one of our member breeders and co-founder of the A.M.B.A.

Wooly Pigs Blog on Darwin on Pigs
Another Meishan related blog post by Heath Putnam

USDA On-Line Article on Meishan research
A recap of the USDA research on the Meishan Breed

Origin of the Domestic Pig: Independent domestication and subsequent Introgression
Not an easy read but covers the Meishan’s potential role in European and Polynesian breed development On-Line Site

SARE Study: Saving Endangered Hog Breeds Study LS11-246
A study on several domestic hog breeds where Meishan genetics were used as an unrelated control group, Principal Investigator Dr Allison Martin

Inbreeding in Swine
An excellent article to introduce breeders to the concepts of coefficients of inbreeding, detrimental impacts of inbreeding, use of line breeding and heterosis (hybrid vigor). All issues , challenges and techniques applicable to the US Meishan herd